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There are numerous ways to get involved! Join our STEM Council, sponsor a school, participate in an event, or put your company name on our chess boards.

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High-Value, Low Cost

The critical thinking and social skills children get from First Move are valuable life skills. For a new classroom to start First Move, the cost is $295, less than $10 per student. The continuing yearly cost is only $50 per classroom.


Make an Impact

Schools need help in the first year when the program is $295 per classroom. They are able to fund continuing years at $50 per classroom. That means after 5 years, a one-time donation of $5000 will have made it possible for the school to deliver First Move to over 2800 students!

What is the STEM Council?

America’s Foundation for Chess STEM Council is a Group of businesses and individuals committed to the betterment of STEM Education in this country, and who understand the link between chess and STEM skills.

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Please consider joining our STEM Council! If you’re interested, or for more information, please contact America’s Foundation for Chess.

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