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Odyssey Elementary

Overview: At Odyssey Elementary, our mission is to help each child achieve his or her potential and become a contributing citizen and a lifelong learner.

The Odyssey Elementary student body is very diverse; 25% of students are Latino, 20% Asian, 10% African American, and 34% White. Transitional Bilingual students make up 32% of our population and over half of the students are on Free or Reduced Meals.

Our Focus

Our school is committed to providing a holistic education meeting the whole child needs. We also want to ensure we provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum. One of our goals is to reduce disciplinary referrals by 3% each year.

First Move Results

Applying Skills The children are making connections to chess across other academic areas; math, reading, writing… They are better problem solvers and working collaboratively. They have applied their problem solving skills both academically and socially and are respectful to each other during game time. Students overwhelmingly love the program. A favorite activity was making math equations using the chess pieces. The Teacher’s Guide, videos and materials are good quality and effective, and make it easy to implement.