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Sharpstein Elementary School

Overview: Our vision is “Every Child, Every Day, Every Step of the Way, Welcoming, Achieving, Caring, Educating.”

The student body is 39% Hispanic, 55% White and 6% other. Our school serves Free and Reduced Lunch to 58% of our population and 53% are English Language Learners.

Our Focus

The research is clear, for children to achieve academically they must be healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged. Sharpstein has responded to that challenge. There are five core values driving Sharpstein Elementary; Respect, Communication, Fun, Flexibility, and Compassion. We want each child to grow to his/her fullest potential; part of that is providing an environment that encourages learning.

First Move Results

Building Community The teachers are doing great and the kids love it! First Move certainly makes learning fun. We have made some interesting observations that were unexpected. Chess is bringing kids together. Kids who don’t normally interact are now choosing to play chess together during their “choice time.” There have been growing friendships with the dual language program which creates less of an “us and them” mentality. Chess turned out to be an unlikely community building activity.